420 Growers Club Reviews

A Go To

5.0 rating

A site for all levels and styles!

Joey Cannabis


4.0 rating

After 25yrs i have a place to get good info


Dope AF

5.0 rating

Loving the platform guys! Thanks for the info and time put in.

Ganja Greg

Bout time!

5.0 rating

That a couple cool guys do it right finally! The club rocks I enjoy it plus its nice there different levels of growers here yet everyone is helpful and cool about everything. Positive vibes always coming off you guys not to mention the knowledge you two drop on a weekly basis so in conclusion as I always say it in life keep it coming!! Plus the channel is bad ass as well.


4 out of 5 Only Because I Need a Specific Course...

4.0 rating

Overall, the club is awesome! But…i was hoping for a course covering organic growing which was mentioned a few times but I’ve yet to see it. If it comes out soon, I’ll change my review to 5 stars because the platform is badass!


I love the 420 Growers Club

5.0 rating

I love the 420 Growers Club to get my advice and help anyone I might be able to. To get advice before I would have to hit up guerrilla growers, I know which isn’t always safe. Here we have live reactions and a small growing community to help us all achieve the same goals whether its to get to your first harvest, setting up your perpetual garden, Rob and Trey got your back!


10 out of 10

5.0 rating

Ten out of ten. the 420 Growers Club has helped me exponentially! Very helpful instructors (rob) and awesome learning with some really cool people. if you’re really new to growing like I am, check out robs course it’s really helping me out. plus I’ve made about 10 new growmies since joining.


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